Dave Couldwell: 'Bike Racing and Bridlington'

The weather is certainly better today than it was during our meeting and most of last night! I think many of us were being deafened by the sound of the rain!

Dave Couldwell and his side kick Martin entertained us last night with a wide selection of images on a wide range of subjects. The ones we saw were only a small part of his archive which must reach many tens of thousands - he showed us a photo of boxes and files piled high with old slides, CDs etc!

During the first part of the talk Dave showed us some of the images he had taken and sold of motor bike racing.

After that he showed us images mainly from his local area - Bridlington and surrounding area. They were of subjects, colours, lighting or other things that had caught his eye when he was wandering round, often with Martin. Also several of the old and abandoned industrial buildings of the area. The result was a delightful hotchpotch!! Many images were monochrome, which always seems to add grittiness to this type of image.

He then went on to show us some of his projects - benches was one!! One of his favourite sayings was 'I spot metered on this area and then let the camera do what it wanted for the rest!!'