Keith Snell: 'Pole to Pole'

We had a very good attendance last night - 41 people - for the talk, Pole to Pole by Dr Keith Snell from the Lake District. And what a treat we had! The talk was a mix of the history of the exploration of both Poles, lovely images of the landscape and of course, the wild life. He explained the differences and similarities of the two poles and the talk was peppered with fascinating facts.

The historical exploration part of the talk and the parts that Ross and Franklin, and Erebus and Terror played was fascinating as was the story of Franklin's fateful journey and the discovery of his ships only a few years ago.

The details of Keith's journeys were also fascinating, he had some amazing encounters with the wild life, including the chance to stroke a massive whale who became a friend and the participants were able to identify her and find out her given name! I found it a fascinating talk full of amazing images and facts.