Jon Peters: 'New Zealand, North & South'

Last night we went on a trip around New Zealand, courtesy of Jon Peters. We started in South Island, did a tour and then flipped over to North Island and travelled from south to north there. It was a fascinating tour, peppered with Jon's memories and anecdotes of Jill and Jon's trip. He started by saying apologetically that the images were little more than record shots of their trip. May be but the images were fantastic! Jon talked about the waters being crystal clear - so were his shots. I thought they had a lovely quality to them. He talked about some of the iconic locations being crowded by loads of photographers and it being difficult to get a shot - well he managed to and avoid the photographers, everywhere looked deserted!!

It was a very enjoyable talk full of interesting facts and great images - many thanks Jon.

Jon also mentioned that he went on occasional photographic 'forays' and said he would circulate details of where and when he was going if anyone wanted to accompany him. He also offered to act as mentor to anyone who wanted some help. I look forward to further details!

Peter T told us that the Christmas meal is going ahead at Oake Manor on 22 January 2022. Further information will be circulated when I have it.