January Competitions

Last night was the January competition Not Quite Mono and the usual Open. The judge was Ginny Campbell who provided an informed, thorough and relevant critique to each and every image. I think everyone will have come away having picked up some tips and helpful advice on what goes into making a pleasing image.

The themed section proved controversial!! Some entrants failed to read the brief carefully, and so submitted images that did not fit the brief and so could not be considered. (not a black / white / grey monochrome image). Ginny was obviously sorry about this because some great images had to be disqualified, but she advised the authors to enter the images into an open competition. Her favourite image of the whole evening fell into this category - Ovi's monochrome image of a dog peering through a gate.

The Open competition proved less controversial!! There were some great and unusual images with many photographers trying new techniques.

I think most of us felt that Ginny was one of the best judges we have had at WDCC, she was animated and so helpful. (not that I'm biased!!). One member of the audience who had not entered the competition commented that she had found the evening very helpful and picked up many useful pointers.

Results - Themed

Top Ten - Direct Hit - Nick Farnham
Last Light - Martin Cumper
Lavender - Jon Peters
Petals and Bubbles - Debbie Hammond
Sand Snail - Jon Peters
Highly Commended - Pink Flower - Debbie Hammond
Bus stop Daydream - Peter Elliston
Third - Ruby - Polly Knowles
Second - Cherry Firework - Nick Farnham
First - Polly Knowles - Blue Light on White Stuff

Open - 23 entries

Top Ten - A display of nature - Ovi Fabian
Colours of Autumn - Polly Knowles
Hinkley by Night - Martin Cumper
Power - Debbie Hammond
Highly Commended Hoodie - Huw Thomas
Intimate Portrait - Steve Wilcox
Where's my stick- Steve Wilcox
Third - Racing at Close Quarters - Steve Wilcox
Second Stairway to Heaven - Peter Elliston
First - Quiet Moment - Huw Thomas.

Well done every one!!

Paul showed the league table, which has shown the lead swinging between Steve W and me all year - a real needle match!!!