Harry Kingman: 'Bhutan'

Last night we had an interesting and colourful talk from Harry Kingman who took us on a fascinating trip - a birding and cultural exploration to the little known Kingdom of Bhutan. It was great to see so many people - 36 I think, at the meeting.

The images were colourful and of great quality, and filled with amazing landscapes - what a beautiful country, the people, the buildings and a few birds thrown in!! It seemed a very peaceful and happy country, not beset with the poverty and overcrowding of their neighbours in India. This is in part due to their Hydro Electric Power which they sell to India. The success of their country is measured by Gross Domestic Happiness instead of Gross Domestic Product!! The King is much respected for his wisdom, he promotes the "Green' aspect of the country, promoting good practices. The country is peppered with notices, about respectful and clean living, part in due to their strong Buddhist faith.

I thought it was a really interesting talk, with great images, full of interesting facts and observations - and the kids were just so cute!! And it was in no way like the Japan talk!!