Brian Northmore: In Discussion

The speaker for the evening was Brian Northmore. See his website at
His talk was titled 'In Discussion' and ranged over a wide number of subject areas although his principal interest is landscape photography and in particular mono landscape photography. It was clear that Brian was an enthusiastic and very capable photographer and it was good to have the opportunity to discuss his journey from film to digital and hear how he uses landscape photography as an escape from the hectic modern world. The only provisos were that landscape photographers need to be prepared to get up early, plan their shots and be prepared to return if the conditions were not right.
Brian showed how the use of mono and photo stacking and photo stitching could bring out the best in images. The careful use of Nik software could also bring out extra details.
Brian also showed several aviation images including one dramatic shot of a helicopter set against smoke and flames, taken at the air show at Yeovilton that was a good example of how careful planning and an early arrival at the show ground can pay dividends when you want to obtain an extraordinary image.
But perhaps the most unusual images were shown at the end where Brian showcased his latest work which were experiments in deliberate camera movement and the creation of abstract images with muted colours and blurred lines and shapes.
In all another good evening with plenty to inspire and perhaps take into our own work.