September Competition

Tonight’s meeting was the first competition of the season. It attracted a good size entry, especially for the themed section – Landscapes.

The judge was Rod Fry from Paignton. He started the evening with an introduction to landscape photography including its history as it evolved from the great landscape painters. He told us that it is a popular genre, maybe because the English countryside is the best in the world for pastoral scenes, and that it seems deceptively simple but requires precision, observation, planning, technique and vision. He also said ‘Beware of tripod marks’. In other words, try not to take the same view that has been taken hundreds of times before – find another angle and a way to add your own input to the scene.

His introduction and his judging comments were full of references to well-known (to some!) photographers. He is clearly very knowledgeable about all aspects of photography. He finished with a thought-provoking quotation from Cartier-Bresson: ‘People think too much about technique, not enough about seeing’.

For me, it was fascinating but he reinforced what I always knew – landscape photography looks easy but it is flipping difficult and that’s why I don’t do it! So, well done to all of you who put in images of diverse scenes from near and far, from cityscapes, to vineyards, to Wistman’s Wood (which Rod called the graveyard of photographers), to mountains. I salute you all. (report by Rachel Carter)

1st Lone tree Jon Peters
2nd Wistman’s wood and Dartmoor View Diane Rowe
3rd Landscape view Peter Elliston
HC Emosson Dam Bill Summers
HC Snow Castle Nick Farnham
HC Applecross Jon Peters
HC Early one morning Peter Tickner
HC Land grab Peter Elliston

The open section attracted fewer entries but with typically diverse subject matter showing the many different things and places that appeal to our members.

1st Adult dancer tying shoes Diane Rowe
2nd Arctic fox in moult Rachel Carter
3rd Coming in to land Rachel Carter
HC Suffragette Derek Carpenter
HC Curlews in flight Paul Carter
HC Eating Harry and Meghan Peter Elliston