October Competition

Last night's meeting was the second competition of the season. The theme was 'Patterns, shapes or textures' and there was the usual Open section. The judge was Peter Fry from Barnstable.
Peter judged the prints by three criteria -firstly did the images meet the criteria for the competition, secondly was there evidence of any additional pictorial content and finally the quality of the printing and possibly the mounting. He provided lots of useful advice in his critique but mainly that looking at a picture upside down (the picture not you - though I suppose that might work too) is often a good way to see if it could be improved. He was also surprised that there were no prints which had used the overlay technique which he demonstrated in one of his two of his own images after half time. But as Ron [Burnell] so forthrightly said 'I don't like it' to the first one, we never got to see the second! To be fair he took it on the chin.
Here's the results
Themed section 33 entries
1st. Paul Carter for 'Crossing the floor' a high view shot looking down on a figure crossing a tiled floor
2nd. Peter Elliston for 'Some of life's essentials' - a letterbox shot of sauce bottles and cutlery trays
3r. Diane Rowe for 'Toadstool' a mono macro shot capturing the texture of this fungus
Highly commended went to Diane Rowe for 'Emerging lily of the valley', Paul Carter for 'Inside the British Museum' and Diane Farnham for 'Moody shades of blue'
Also held back were prints from Frank Colebrooke(2) 'Ammonite Fossils' and 'Old leather jerkin', Diane Rowe 'Let me out', Elizabeth Wiggins 'Orchid Pattern'

Open section 25 entries
1st Paul Carter for 'Mountain hare pauses' - a beautiful low angle shot of the hare
2nd. Rachel Carter for 'Pleased to seal you' - a pic the judge thought was great fun.
3rd. Rachel Carter for 'Young polar bear' - a delightful study of this animal.
Highly commended went to Peter Elliston for 'Comfort', Paul Carter for 'Cheetahs in a tree’ and Ovi Fabian for 'Having lunch - facing the elements'
Also held back were images from Nick Farnham 'Carnival Action', Jon Peters for 'Oban sunset', Rachel Carter for 'Under surf-veillance' and Peter Elliston for 'Indian culture clash'