Robin Gregory: The one and only...

The evening's meeting was a talk from Robin Gregory of Devizes. I couldn't find a website for him but the following link is an interview with him including some of his images

Robin Gregory - In Focus - The National Photographic Society
This In Focus interview is with Robin Gregory and was conducted by Sarah Fitzgerald-Jones. Sarah says :-I would like to introduce you all to a great friend of mine whose work I hugely admire.
So, what was his talk like? Well, probably like nothing we have had at the club before. And if you came to the club last night because there was very little on TV then Robin provided first-rate entertainment. His talk 'Oh yeah!' or alternatively an evening of creating anarchy was simply wonderful. Here was a man with a wicked sense of humour who really enjoyed creating amazing images to share with us. And this was one of his main themes. If you take photographs - then show them. And show them he did. Truthfully, it was difficult to predict what we were going to see next as creative image after creative image popped up - often in development - and frequently accompanied by an audio-visual clip with a powerful music background. There was plenty here to inspire and possibly emulate. Though I might draw the line at experimenting with dolls! If you were there last night you will know what I mean.
Robin's most exhilarating work was his creation of startling Photoshopped portraits and surreal images often involving balloons or tiny figures and even matchsticks. His work has quite rightly won many awards and his delight in upsetting judges was offset by his advice that in competitions you just have to accept what a judge says and move on. This was a thoroughly entertaining evening which should inspire us to try something different. The only other ingredient we may need is Robin's other aid - plenty of whiskey!