Paul Carter: Twenty favourite images. Try, try and try again

The club’s most recent meeting was a presentation from club member Paul Carter entitled 'Twenty favourite images. Try, try and try again'.

This was in effect a journey around our planet featuring Paul's quest for photographic perfection - whether it was of a solar eclipse, a penguin, a snowy owl or a mountain hare. But there was much more besides as Paul explained how using Lightroom and Photoshop, images could be enhanced or altered to achieve a better picture. His images from the early 90's to the present day showed how his photography has developed and improved leading to many awards and photographic distinctions.

Each section of his talk finished with his favourite image and it was good hear that whilst some of them he didn't consider the finished article, they gave him considerable pleasure to look at again. And who would have thought that one of the club's wildlife photographers would delight in showing us his multi-stitched image of a steam train on Digswell viaduct?! Or for that matter, a people shot inside a church in Venice.

Naturally, there were plenty of wildlife images - many discarded because they were not quite right - but the favourite in each section always stood out as the reason why 'try, try and try again' is a useful motto to have - but it may not be necessary to drive you round the world because as Paul showed, you can achieve a great shot just sitting by your pond in your back garden and photographing a friendly frog.