January Competition

The evening's meeting was the print competition with the theme of 'Soft' and 'Open'. The judge was Marija Lees LRPS from Exeter Camera Club. This was Marija's first visit to Wellington and she joined us on an evening where the club experimented with projecting the prints as well as seeing them on the usual stand. This gave her the opportunity to point out small features of the images on the screen which might have been missed by at the audience just concentrating on the small print from a distance.

Marija was a very encouraging judge, starting her remarks by saying that we should think of her more as an appraiser rather than a judge. As she said, another judge might give an altogether different opinion of our images. Her main message though was that as photographers we should think hard about how we isolate what we want to present to the viewer and that 'cropping is a very strong tool'. In effect less can often mean more when presenting our images. The results were:

Open section - 24 prints
1st. Peter Elliston for 'Where Alice met the Mad Hatter' - a composite of many images depicting aspects of the Alice in Wonderland story.
2nd. Diane Rowe for 'Lost in the dance' - a vibrant image of a young dancer totally involved in her movements.
3rd. Peter Elliston for 'Spirit of the mist' - a spooky autumn landscape with a mysterious figure in the trees.
Highly Commended went to Polly Knowles for 'Ballroom and Bar, Leaf and Reflections', Daphne Hilsdon for 'Evening Peace' and Diane Farnham for 'Pretty in Pink'.
Also held back were images from Frank Colebrooke for 'Crows' and 'Foreboding for some'. Diane Farnham for 'French Fort du Chaps at sunset and Polly Knowles for 'In the Blackdowns'

Themed section - Soft - 21 prints
1st Diane Rowe for 'Soft focus' - a beautiful macro shot of mushrooms expertly printed
2nd Polly Knowles for 'Soft in the head' - another macro - this time of a dandelion head shedding its seeds
3rd Peter Elliston for 'Soft in the head' - a closeup of a sheep's head much obscured by its shaggy wool ringlets.
Highly Commended went to Nick Farnham for 'Not Soft' and 'Soft and Cuddly and Andrew Bosier for 'Pony, soft to touch'.
Also held back were images from Peter Elliston for 'A big softy', Ovidiu Fabian for 'Gladiators are no bunch of softies', 'I'm a big softy' and 'Soft lights'.