February Competition

The evening was the February digital competition judged by John Foulkes of Axminster. John had large number of images to judge - nearly 60 in total which represented a healthy entry from a large number of club members. John gave a thoughtful appreciation off each image and applauded club members' willingness to try out a variety of formats.
The results were:
Open (33 entries)
1st Jon Peters for 'Super Blood Moon' a tremendous image of the recent lunar eclipse.
2nd Peter Elliston for 'Little Drummer Boy' - a young child amidst the swirl of a re-enactment battle.
3rd Paul Carter for 'Diving Adelie' - a mono shot of a group of diving penguins
Highly Commended went to Paul Carter for 'Two polar cubs after eating' and Peter Elliston for 'New culture, old culture'. Also held back were images from Diane Rowe 'High view from back of Wells Cathedral', Jon Peters for 'Misty Morning', Rachel Carter for 'Porpoising penguin', Paul Carter for 'Polar bear on ice edge', Polly Knowles for 'Love is all you need'.
Theme - Contemporary (26 entries)
1st Peter Elliston for 'Celebrity Culture' - an image of Peter Andre greeting his fans and their reactions
2nd Polly Knowles for 'The Sky Garden' - a shot from The Sky Garden’s viewing gallery on the 43rd floor of the Walkie Talkie.
3rd Polly Knowles for 'Modern life in Kerala' a colourful image of everyday life, Southern India.
Highly Commended went to Viv Knighton for 'Public Toilet,Whitley Bay', Daphne Hilsdon for 'Time Off'.
Also held back were Nick Farnham for 'Fully mobile', Diane Rowe for 'Iceland bikes' and 'Lisbon Station Roof', Peter Elliston for 'Fashion Accessory' and Frank Colebrooke for 'Everyday scenario'