Polly Knowles: Travels abroad

Club member Polly Knowles treated us to two of her previous adventures in Southern India and Albania. This provided us with very contrasting images, showing us the amazing diversity of the world.

On the one hand there was the bustling towns and cities of India where you often cannot move for people - especially on Sundays when families flock to temples, towns or leisure places - and on the other there was the almost deserted Albanian districts with its empty apartment blocks and celebrations where hardly anyone turned up.

But if there was one thing in common from Polly's two sets of images it was that in both societies, men appear to enjoy congregating together doing very little whilst the women are either totally absent from the scene or engaged in doing all the work.

Polly entertained us with a spirited commentary which gave us a real flavour of what each holiday was like. In India, she clearly enjoyed seeing people going about their everyday lives - in their fishing boats, praying or just doing everyday things like the laundry. In Albania, it was more the marvel of the fantastic scenery of the Albanian Alps, the relics of the communist era and memories of cabbage pie. Albania was a place of many unanswered questions and the images showed a bleak, underdeveloped and neglected country whilst Southern India seemed safe and inviting.