April Competition

Our judge was Jane Kearney from Barnstable and the f8 photo group. Whilst explaining the skills she looked for in our images, Jane also said she hoped her comments would also encourage us to see what would help improve them.

Themed section - Portrait (31 images)
This was a very impressive set of images ranging from the traditional studio shots to people studies from street photography. There were many images that were worthy of a place but in the end the results were as follows:
1st Peter Elliston for 'Taking a break' - a study of an Indian lady relaxing in the sunshine.
2nd Diane Rowe for 'Portrait of a dancer' - a well lit image of a ballerina tying her shoes
3rd Nick Farnham for 'Ice Maiden' - a mono shot of a cold-looking model encrusted with jewels.
Highly commended went to Ron Burnell for 'Chloe' and Nick Farnham for 'Happy times'.
Also held back were Ovi Fabian for 'A parent's love', Frank Colebrooke for 'Boule spectators' and 'The turkey auction', Peter Elliston for 'Railways steam punk gangsters' and Nick Farnham for 'The Dancer'

Open section (27 images)
1st Paul Carter for 'Gentoo leap' - three gentoo penguins taking flight from their icy perch
2nd Rachel Carter for 'Chinstrap penguin' - an almost mono shot of this beady-eyed bird
3rd Rachel Carter for 'Northern lights' - a spectacular image of a wonderful blaze of green sky
Highly Commended went to Polly Knowles for 'Corner of the music room' and Paul Carter for 'Bee eater food pass'.
Also held back were Diane Rowe for 'Day is ending' and 'Waiting for high water', Rachel Carter for 'Number 97 chasing hard' and Mike Barrow for ''Pool or snooker' and 'Sand fern'.