Peter Tickner: To Dartmoor and Beyond

Last night's meeting was a presentation from Peter Tickner.

Initially titled 'Dartmoor', it became 'Dartmoor - a work in progress'. Thinking that making a photographic record of Dartmoor might take about a year, Peter soon realised that he probably needed to treble that! This was a presentation from an enthusiast for a unique area right on our doorstep and one which is free to photograph. Peter's love of this often wild but beautiful landscape was evident in his many images of trees, tors, leats and bridges. Photographed in a variety of weathers the images showed the wide range of photographic opportunities and some of the challenges they present - not least un co-operative ponies who just insist on eating with their heads down and refusing to engage with the photographer!

Throughout Peter showed his considerable historical knowledge of the area and his determination to follow through on his project and probably to obtain a complete set of the several hundred stone crosses strewn across this rugged landscape or maybe even solve the riddle of the three hares symbol.

If you want a good guide to the moor then you might like to join Peter on 15th May when he pays Dartmoor another return visit.