October Competition

The most recent meeting featured the first print competition of the year and it was good to see so many high quality prints entered. The theme was 'Group' and the Open section. The judge was Susanne Akerstrom who has judged for us before. It was soon clear that for Susanne the theme title of Group meant that the subject matter had to show togetherness and combined interaction. It was interesting to see how club members had interpreted this theme. Groups of people and animals predominated but there were also some very imaginative images including a group of autumnal fruits and vegetables entitled ‘All squashed together’ and a still life of three glasses on a glass base which had great impact and texture.

Theme - Group - 32 entries
1st Paul Carter for 'Wildebeest at sunset' - a dramatic letterbox shot of massing line of wildebeest beneath a magnificent sunset. A beautiful print said the judge.
2nd. Rachel Carter for 'Pride of the Mara' - wildlife shot showing the close relationship of cubs
3rd. Paul Carter for 'Hinds gathering'
Highly Commended went to Nick Farnham for two untitled shots - one of horses and one of terrapins, Tony Drew for 'Widgeon mass take off' and 'Ladybirds waking from hibernation' and Frank Colebrooke for 'Shadows'.
Also held back were prints by Andrew Bosier and Diane Rowe

Open -22 entries
1st. Peter Tickner for 'Dartmoor Twilight' - a moody and atmospheric shot of trees on Dartmoor. A quite stylised shot said the judge.
2nd. Peter Elliston for 'Her indoors' - an image of a couple enjoying the summer in and out of their beach hut.
3rd. Rachel Carter for 'Landing the catch' - puffins feeding their young
Highly commended went to Paul Carter for 'Barn Owl resting' and 'Holywell Bay sunset' and Nick Farnham for 'High and Dry Wreck'
Also held back were images by Jak Lister, Polly Knowles, Rachel Carter and Debbie Ludgate