Eight club members entertain

The evening's meeting was a mixture of topics provided by club members talking about photographic projects they had been working on and what an interesting set of talks it was. Eight members shared their enthusiasm and help by providing us with plenty to take away and think about - whether it was just to plan an exotic holiday abroad or something more mundane but essential such as how to resize your images for club competitions.

First up was Nick Farnham who is almost a permanent resident in Bermuda he has been so often, with photos of the island and the Admiral's Cup race. Next came Peter Elliston relating a somewhat bizarre experience with Indian Tug of war in Trull carpark which proved a challenge photographically in the pouring rain.

Paul Carter then showed images from Brazil including some close up and personal ones of jaguars.

Richard Fox and Ron Burnell showed how they had created a document for Marlborough College Chapel by resizing and inserting images of the chapel's paintings into a document for visitors.

Paul Carter and Frank Colebrooke did a double act on how to resize images for competitions.

Daphne Hilsdon showed us a variety of images including some of the recreation of the Battle of Bosworth and The Flying Scotsman but not in the same pictures! Finally,

Peter Tickner rounded off the evening with images taken on club outings and some of a very unusual river crossing in Newport, Wales.

The club’s next competition has the intriguing theme of ‘Red, white and blue’ so it will be interesting to see what turns up – so watch this space!