Richard Fox: Landscapes and Tornadoes

A recent meeting was a talk from Richard Fox - from Bovey Tracey.

It's probably fair to say that from the first half of Richard's talk on landscape photography that every single one of his images most people would have been happy both to have taken and to have hanging on their walls. There was much here to admire and to learn from Richard's presentation. This was a photographer who delivered what he preached. 'An expensive camera doesn't equate with good photographs'. Basically, you've got to know what you are doing, be dedicated and to take good landscapes you've just got to know about the weather!

For although this was a presentation about landscape photography it was also a lesson in understanding the natural elements - something that was even more important in the second half where Richard explained the science of the rising energy in a supercell of clouds building in middle America - followed by some exciting time-lapse images of tornados. Members might also like to check out Lightroom's panorama facility which Richard explained had been used in many of his landscapes.

This was a technology savvy photographer who could control his laptop from his phone but who could also create wonderful and beautiful images - a true photographic artist.