February Competition

February Competition results

The judge was Peter Hyett from Exmouth.

'At Night' (from 29 images)
1st Diane Rowe for 'Hemyock festival of lights - crayfish procession - a great night-time 'carnival-type' image featuring a big but beautiful illuminated crayfish - an image which the judge said sur-passed the one he had seen on Devon live.
2nd Paul Carter for 'Grand Canal’ and also 3rd for 'Under African skies'
Highly commended went to Debbie Ludgate for 'Bouquet of Fire' and Frank Colebrooke for 'Laser Show'.
Also held back were images from Polly Knowles 'Raindrops on my window', Jon Peters 'The Ring of Bells' and 'The steps', Paul Carter 'Bastille Day fireworks' and Andy Howson for 'Durham Lumiere'

'Open' (from 19 images)
1st Rachel Carter for 'Arctic Tern' - the bird brilliantly caught in mid-flight with beautiful detail and interesting angles.
2nd Paul Carter 'Three Cheetahs at dawn’
3rd Rachel Carter 'Safely over the last'
Highly commended went to Rachel Carter for 'Elephant sea wearers learning to joust' and Peter Elliston for 'George playing the spoons'.
Also held back were images form Peter Elliston 'Mother love', Rachel Carter 'On the rocks', Polly Knowles 'The Sky Garden London', Nick Farnham 'Coast' and Debbie Ludgate 'Winter Mistletoe’