Carry on up the Douro

With the title ‘Carry on up the Douro’ for their presentation by six club members it might be thought that this was some kind of risqué photographic adventure. However, the risks involved turned out to be how to overcome the relentless rain which threatened to wipe out this holiday in Portugal.
But Wellington Camera Club members are a sturdy lot and a bit of rain was not going to stop them obtaining a diverse range of images which showed what Porto had to offer. We were given a detailed study of this hilly city split by the Douro river and home of its famous port which starts its life in the vineyards all around this region.
We saw great images of Porto nightlife, the funicular railway and the cathedral and railway station splendidly decorated in blue tiles. There was also time for some useful people-watching to catch some lively characters as well as exuberant young students as they graduated.
Particularly effective were images of the wooden rabelos sailing boats which were used in the past to transport the casks of port but which are now moored on the Douro perhaps for the benefit of holidaymakers and photographers!
Our six adventurers, Peter, Jeff, Ted, John, Diane and Ruth then moved on from the city and took the train into the Douro valley and finishing it at Pocinho.
It was great to see these images of this city with plenty of historical links to the UK and also to enjoy a sample of its port wine which the group kindly provided during the evening.