February Competition

Competition evenings are always well attended and well-contested and this was the case once again when judge Paul Jones from Silverton appraised images submitted in February for the two sections ‘Creative’ and ‘Open’.

It was perhaps not surprising that the Open section attracted more entries - 39 in total -as anything goes here. However, the Creative section with 26 pictures had a good showing for photographic work that is often very difficult to do well and not every photographer’s natural inclination in that it involves considerable knowledge and expertise with post-processing in the computer. But on this showing, it is clear that many members are now adding this kind of work to their photographic interests and gaining more confidence in manipulating images. And whilst some might say this is not photography it’s worth remembering that in the days of wet photography there was often considerable alteration of images in the darkroom. The ‘good old days’ had their own tricks which modern technology simply replicates and enhances.

On this occasion Paul held back more than usual and awarded more commended and highly commended certificates. In fact, he commented afterwards that the 13 images held back in the Open section was an excellent panel showing a very good cross-section of what the club is able to achieve.

The results were:
1st Paul Carter for 'Bee and flower' a beautiful macro of a bee approaching a flower that just stood out as perfect
2nd Nick Farnham for 'Blue Umbrella' - again a macro shot - ' one of Nick's splashing drops with an amazing colourful umbrella top
3rd Polly Knowles for 'Four noses and one eye' - a great letterbox -shaped shot of eager hounds desperate to please.
Also Highly Commended were Paul Carter (Mountain Hare Running and Crested Tit), Dave Dagg (Stormy), Tracy Parkinson (Crownest Park), Rachel Carter (Chinstrap in a blizzard) Peter Elliston (Too Many Cooks), Derek Carpenter and Diane Rowe (Erythroniums close). Commended were Rachel Carter and Polly Knowles (Taking home the washing).

The results of the creative section were:
1st Nick Farnham for 'Flaming Bulb' - a light bulb with a blazing inferno at its centre
2nd Polly Knowles for 'The bookworm' - a delightful 'macro' of a worm in sections making its way across its definition on the page of a dictionary.
3rd Frank Colebrooke for 'Time travellers' - ghostly superimposed figures in a crowd
Highly Commended were Peter Elliston (‘The Photographer's Scream’ and ‘Photoshopped’) and Maurice Sadler ‘The Deadly Sin of Sloth’. Commended were Maurice Sadler ‘The Deadly Sin of Vanity’, Ian Coles ‘Flowerhead’, Diane Rowe ‘We Will Remember Them’, Nick Farnham ‘Big Splash’