Annual battle v Dulverton

Last night was our annual battle with Dulverton - and resulted in the usual result! A win for Dulverton!! They do have some great nature photographers and we were treated to some great images. The final result was Wellington 402: Dulverton 428 - hardly a nail biting result!

Jane Kearney was our judge, a familiar figure to many of us!! She gave a carefully considered and thorough critique to each image and gave a mark to each. She did say that it was her opinion, as always, and not everyone will ever agree with everything that is said. To illustrate this point, I have had two emails this morning, one saying how good and constructive she was, the other saying she missed the point of many of the images and was deconstructive!! So opinions vary!!

There is no doubt that Dulverton Club have some fantastic photographers and the winning image was amazing. A shot of a grebe catching an enormous fish -'That's Dinner sorted' from Basil of Dulverton Club, I think few would argue with that being number 1!!

Jane held 9 images back, 7 of them were Dulverton's. Our top scorers were Peter Elliston with 'A Superior Couple' and Steve Wilcox for 'Racing at Close Quarters'. Very well done to both. The results are on our website - thanks to Paul.

Diane gave us information about the upcoming 'Challenge', the usual non-competitive event on the subject 'Vintage'. Members are invited to submit and then talk about their images, up to 10 to be sent to Martin by Monday 4th April, with the challenge being on 6th April - full details of where to send them will be in next week's report.

Next week is our March competition, with Mac Chivers as judge, 'open' and 'Book Titles', we'll see if he agrees with our interpretation of the subject!