March Competition

Hi Everyone

Last night saw our penultimate competition of the year. The usual Open and the Themed section - Book Titles, all of which had been checked to be genuine book titles. This was a really interesting subject and provided a wide range of images on a wide range of images on a wide range of subjects. Our judge was Mac Chivers from Barnstaple CC. He began by saying that judging was not an exact science (don't we know it!!) and this was his opinion. I thought he gave valuable advice and good critiques, in the main part. He seemed to think that many of the images would benefit rom some cropping, so that the subject was a more prominent in the frame.

Congratulations, firstly to all who entered, it is having plenty of images for the judge to critique that enables us all to learn and makes a good evening.

Also congratulations to the winners - Huw and Steve and everyone who was placed or held back. Special Congrats to Steve who had all 4 images in the rankings!!

Open Results

1st Coffee Shop, Modern Schoolroom - Huw Thomas
2nd Leo - Peter Elliston
3rd Citrus Juice - Steve Wilcox
HC Nornan - Jon Peters
HC Reception Committee - Steve Wilcox
HC Towards the Rain - Debbie Hammond
HC Vampire Deterrent - Martin Cumper
HC Wasdale - Steve Wilcox
TT Watch the Bubbles - Andrew Bosier
TT Summer - Jon Peters

Themed result - Book Titles

1st All Quiet on the Western Front - Steve Wilcox
2nd The Invisible Man - Peter Elliston
3rd Cider with Rosie - Martin Cumper
HC A One-of-a-kind Balloon Adventure - Nick Farnham
HC Invitation to a Beheading - Nick Farnham
HC Super-Fast Foods - Huw Thomas
HC Tulip Fever - Polly Knowles
HC The Girl in the Spider's web - Peter Elliston
TT Cascade - Jon Peters
TT The Busker - Polly Knowles

The result are on the website already - many thanks Paul. And I apologise that this report is later than sometimes, I've been getting a 'double dose' of exercise and I'm now exhausted!!