Carol McNiven Young - her personal photographic journey.


Good Morning Everyone

Last night's talk was given by Carol McNiven Young, who talked about her personal photographic journey from beginner to RPS Fellowship over five years and how she created her composite images. It was a treat!! We had one of the highest counts of people watching over Zoom - 39 people, which was great.

She was a very engaging speaker, great images and lots of almost 'throw away' tips. I managed to make a quick note of a couple and some of her recommendations I will try again; I have never mastered Frequency Separation, and never used the 'Darken/Lighten' filter in NIC's Colour Effects. A really enjoyable talk, I thought.

Obviously a very organised person, she showed us how she planned every shoot, down to a minute by minute timetable. Risk assessments, mood boards, story boards all played a big part in her planning. And this was after she had spent what must be hours thinking round the subject, looking at other images and working out what her particular 'angle' on the subject was going to be.

I really loved her final FRPS panel which depicted illustrations for children's stories. I thought a very original body of work. No wonder she was awarded her FRPS.

After the talk, Huw shared information about a shoot he had booked on - however when I looked this morning, there is only one spare space on the workshop, but a company worth looking at! - thanks Huw -

I am not sure if any of you would be interested, but I have booked myself on an evening shoot at the Swindon Steam museum with Timeline events. Monday 14th November 18.00 - 22.00. It looks great value for money £85 for 4 hours, trains and re-enactors included. I will be driving up of course, so if any of you want to go I can give you a lift. There are 3 spaces left this morning. Timeline Events

Dulverton Camera Club are hosting a Zoom talk next Tuesday 25th October; a welcome return of a speaker from last year, Rosie Jackson, who will give a two part presentation, 'Lavender fields of Provence' and the 'Horses of the Camargue'. I will forward a link as soon as I receive it from Dulverton CC.

Next week, 26th October, (hopefully I've got it right this week!!) is the October competition - 'Low light' and Open with Judge Laura Pearce.

Diane reminded us to start thinking about the first 'Challenge' of the year, Bring 5 images on a memory stick to the meeting of 9th November. The subject is '5 images that define me', hobbies, travels etc. This is also the hand in date for the first print competition for year. Hope you've dusted off the printer and done a nozzle check!!