October Competition


Good Morning Everyone

Wellington School did not cover themselves in glory last night for the October competition! We were locked out, and it seems the school had forgotten all about us - how very dare they!! Fortunately, we eventually found the security guard, who said his job is to lock up, not unlock buildings, but did in fact unlock the doors and let us in.

So, after a somewhat late start, the competition got under way, judged by Laura Pearce from Yeovil. She gave a well-ordered critique on all images, pointing out the good points as well as the not so good. In the Open, as usual a wide range of subjects were covered which made for a great competition. We might not always all agree with the final placings, but that's the nature of the beast and the critiques are always valuable, and I know Laura gave some good guidance to us.

The 'Themed' was 'Low Light', Laura pointed out that a couple of images did not really fit the brief, which emphasises how important it is to take notice of the guidance notes given on the website. Again, a wide range of subjects and some fantastic images.

Twelve different people featured in the 'Honours' list which is great, with some of our newer members also featuring in the list. Well Done everyone.

And enormous thanks to Paul Carter, competition secretary, who, as always, ran the evening seamlessly and posted the results on our Facebook page and our website within minutes.

Results of the Oct open competition were:

1st 'Llyn Padarn' by Deborah Hammond
2nd 'Robin' by Rodney Wyatt
3rd 'Snuggled in For a Rest' by Diane Rowe
HC 'Faith' by Peter Elliston
HC 'I Am A Good Boy' by Ovidiu Fabian
HC 'Kingfisher' by Martin Cumper
HC 'Nice Tights' by Huw Thomas
HC 'Pintail at Rest' by Mike Barrow
HC 'The Wood Turner' by Polly Knowles
HC 'Today's News' by Wendy Hopper

Results of the Oct 2022 themed competition on the topic of 'Low Light' were:

1st 'Baker Street' by Nick Farnham
2nd 'Baccolino' by Stephen Wilcox
3rd 'Don't Hang Up, Your Call Is Important To Us' by Peter Elliston
HC 'Cloister Shadows' by Mike Barrow
HC 'End of the Day' by Nick Farnham
HC 'Guardian of Hell' by Stephen Wilcox
HC 'Standing in the Shadows' by Polly Knowles
HC 'The Road Ahead' by Peter Elliston
HC 'Tuscan Sunset' by Nick Farnham
HC 'Under the Bridge' by Rodney Wyatt

The committee will be meeting on Nov 8th, so if anyone has any points they would like discussed, please let one of us know.

Next week we have a zoom meeting, Kevin Pigney will show us his wildlife images to date, the stories behind them and helpful tips. I will send the link out over the weekend.

The first print competition hand in is looming!! Hand in is November 9th, 'Film titles' and open, so time to check that your printer is working well!! November 9th is also the first of our 'Challenge' evenings, when members can show up to 5 images which 'define who you are, hobbies, holidays etc', details on the website.

See you then next week over zoom!!