Carmen Norman: 'Lake District Landscapes'


Good Moring Everyone.

Well, it's very misty/foggy here so not such good morning!!

Last night's speaker, Carmen Norman comes from The Lake District, a place she clearly loves and knows very well. She showed loads of images, from many different locations in the area. She clearly demonstrated how the places changed with the seasons, with different weather and lighting conditions. These different conditions evoked different moods in her and her talk was divided into sections showing images that evoked these different emotions in her, whether it is happiness, mellowness, dreaminess etc etc.

She included in her well structured talk some helpful tips, including compositional tips, settings etc. She also stressed the benefits of experimenting with camera settings and having fun!!

Towards the end of her talk she gave her 6 tips for landscape photography and expanded on each
Use a tripod
Use back button focussing (my tip - watch YouTube videos on the subject!)
Don't be afraid to use a long lens
Direct the viewer's eye (leading lines)
Look up, down, and behind your usual line of sight

She ended with a great sequence of images with the very moving sound track of Disturbed's version of The Sound of Silence (one of my personal fav's!!). Some great landscapes; she must have shown us hundreds! And she must have walked over the area at all times of day and night and in all weathers!! Very inspirational images.

Huge thanks to Carmen who stepped in at short notice and to Diane who was able to organise this when the arranged speaker had to cancel due to illness.

Next week we are zooming again! It's another landscape talk but different. It is David Watts with 'Landscape and Subterranean Landscape- Above and Below'

(The change of this week's speaker means 2 landscape talks following, but I am sure this will be very different)

As usual, I will send the link at the weekend.

Have a good week and see you all next week.