Dave Watts: 'Landscapes Overground and Underground'.


Last night Dave Watts from Essex/Suffolk gave us a Zoom presentation, which was in two quite different sections. The first part was full of images, mainly from his area. He showed many images of the mud flats and how they changed with the seasons and different conditions. He talked about how his photography had developed and the sort of imaged he liked to take. It's a part of the country that might be unfamiliar to some of us (me!!) . He descried it as two dimensional, I'd describe it as 'flat' (and with lots of mud!!) Some great images showing some unfamiliar sights.

The second section was for me the more interesting and certainly had 'the wow factor'. Dave is an experienced caver and underground diver and goes underground all over the country and indeed in different countries. He is one of very few people who are documenting the underground world photographically and has developed ways of photographing this unfamiliar landscape by lighting different parts with the aid of a helper or two and merging the images with the help of photoshop. Some truly amazing images of very different scenes. I think most of us thought that he and his colleagues are truly bonkers to venture into this underground world, having to go under water and squeeze through tiny gaps! No thanks!! He mentioned that several of his colleagues had been involved in the rescue of the kids and their teacher in Thailand who were trapped underground for ages a few years ago - well done them!!

Next week, Wednesday 14th December we are meeting at Wellington Rugby Club (TA21 8LL). Bring your own nibbles and drinks as we get together at a new venue for this year's seasonal social, with the usual quiz and a Christmas card competition. The Rugby club is through the car park of Wellington Sports Centre, on the left hand side of the car park.
Meeting starts at 7:30pm. Visitors are welcome to join us. It's a chance for us to 'mingle' and get to know each other better!!

'Annual Meal' And don't forget: Thur 19th Jan for the annual meal, this time at Villa Verde, Rockwell Green. Pre-booking via Andrew, the membership secretary is essential. The menu has been sent out but Andrew will have more at the meeting next week.