Stan Farrow: 'Creative Photography'


Last night Stan Farrow joined us and gave us a great talk, showing Creative Photography in many of its guises and the interface between Photography and Art.

Some might say about some of his images that they showed more artistic than photographic skills, but I think that was the point of the talk, that there is no difference and both art and photography are both about producing an image. This applies to both Representative and Creative images.

He showed us and talked about many different types of more abstract images and talked about many of the techniques he used. It was a great and stimulating talk, packed with ideas and things to try out. I have just had a look at his website, many of the images that he showed us last night on there and it could be another source of ideas and inspiration, the link was on the email I sent out earlier. He stressed that many of his images would not do well in photo competitions (although he has had many Salon acceptances and successes) but perhaps more as gallery or exhibition images.