Club Night: Huw & Polly

Good Morning Everyone

Last night was a 'Club Night ' with talks by Huw Thomas and Polly Knowles - I won't rehash what was said!! Huw gave us a fascinating talk about some photographers who he obviously admires very much and takes much of his inspiration from them. They had all achieved great recognition in their field, and we were shown some great images that have received recognition. Very stimulating and thought provoking! Huw has kindly supplied a load of links to the photographers that he talked about.

Polly then spoke about changing backgrounds and adding textures to images - with lots of before and after images.

Peter T initiated some chat around 'Future Planning and the Way Forward' for the Club in readiness for the committee meeting tomorrow (Thursday). Members were asked what they would like from meetings in the future. Please do have a think and email Polly or one of the other committee members with any suggestions of speakers or topics that would be of interest.

There was also much discussion about face to face versus Zoom meetings. It was obvious that some missed the face to face but most welcomed the Zoom meetings and realised that the great quality of the talks since the pandemic had only been possible because of Zoom. It was generally thought that it was good to continue in the' half and half mode'! Financial considerations will be discussed by the committee!

Summer will soon be here (hopefully!) and we will be thinking about a summer programme, again we are asking for any suggestions for days or afternoons out. Members were encouraged to arrange smaller, local get-togethers/walks for members in their locality.

Paul C (Competition Secretary) asked for members to think of subjects/themes for next year's competitions, so get thinking until a request is made for them to be submitted. There was also talk about entries for print competitions, should we continue to hold them? It would be really helpful if people who enter PDI competitions but not print ones could let me know why they don't enter print competitions, then we can see if we can rectify this or help. Since only one person has shown an interest in the proposed workshop, we can only presume that lack of knowledge is not the reason. Many of us feel it would be a shame and would be 'dumbing down' the craft if we stopped judging prints and that prints are one important end product of photography.

So please do let us know your thoughts!! Just email Polly or Paul and we can discuss!

Huw's links
Imogen Cunningham

Elliot Erwitt

Elliot Porter

Edward Weston
Minor White

Harry Callahan

Saul Leiter

Ernst Haas
Lilian Bassman

Erwin blumenfeld