Photo Challenge #2: Weathered


Last night a number of members (9 I think) showed us images of their own take on 'Weathered', the subject for the latest Photo Challenge. We were treated to a wide range of subjects, lots of rusty metal and gravestones! Some really pleasing minimalistic images, great textures and colour combinations! A big shout out to all who took part; that's what makes these events happen and it's a good chance to get to know each other and what we photograph. It was good to see people face to face and have a chance of a brief chat.

Next week Peter T is showing some of his images from his travels some years ago in and around Morocco, on medium format slides! This is, again, at the Rugby Club

The following week (19th April) we are again at the Rugby Club for the April Competition, the last one of this season! 'Food' and Open. And it's prints - so a good chance to see some images close up.

The following week (26th April) is the AGM. There will be quite a bit to discuss, new member(s) of the committee, new arrangements for refreshments and other stuff! After the meeting there will be a chance to mingle and have a bit of time to socialise.

Please bring some food for sharing. We also ask everyone to bring their favourite image of the year, printed not larger than A5, unmounted. These will be for a 'Members' Favourite Mini Competition' - with a bottle of wine going to the winner. Every member will have one vote to choose their favourite image. If you do not have a printer, Boots (other places are available!!) will print an image from a memory card, USB stick or phone at a reasonable cost. This will mean that everyone can enter and we will all be on a 'level playing field'.

Diane Rowe put out a request (plea) for someone to put their name forward to join the committee and get to know the duties of Programme Secretary, prior to taking over from her when she retires from the post as soon as is practically possible. She has been in post for 13 years and has played a huge part in making the club what it is but she deserves a break! As she pointed out, without a Programme Secretary, there is no programme and therefore no club, so please someone step up! Full training and support will of course be given.

Don't forget to bring your refreshment making stuff and mug next week. We are hoping to provide coffee/tea next season as will be discussed at the AGM. We will be looking for volunteers to join a rota!!