Peter Tickner: 'Tickner's Travels in Morocco'

Good Morning Everyone

A Big 'Shout out' to everyone who braved the dreadful weather last night to come to the meeting. Unfortunately, the room did not provide the warm haven we hoped for!! It was blooming cold!

But we all stayed and were well entertained with images from a very interesting trip to Morocco, led by Peter T, who showed his slides from 27 years ago. He showed us the wide diversity of landscapes and features found in the fascinating country. It reminded me of my visit to the country 10 years ago and I have just looked at the photobook I made after that holiday. A big thank you to Peter for entertaining us and giving us such an interesting evening.

Coming soon!!
April 26th 2023

There are some important issues to discuss with you, but the meeting will not take too long and after that there will be time to relax and mingle!! Please bring a plate of food for sharing. We are also running a Fun Event to add some interest after meeting. Please do bring in an unmounted print, not bigger than A5 so that members can choose their favourite. Just one of your photos that you like, or others might like and be entertained by. If you don't have access to a printer, you can get a photo printed from a memory card or your phone at Boots or other such outlet! There will be a small prize for the photo that gets the most votes!! We have chosen this size so that everyone can join in, even if you don't have a photo printer and/or are not confident with mounting photos, also to keep the cost down. Participation is the important thing!! Target - 40 members = 40 photos!!

April 19th 2023
Next week is our final competition - Food and Open and it's a print competition, so it will be lovely to see some prints up close, a print is seen by many as the final stage in producing an image. The judge is the very experienced Ian Bateman. I'm really looking forward to this - food is one of my favourite things!! We will also have the final placings on the League Table, whatever happens, I don't think the leader can be caught!!