Club night: Polly & Friends


We had a very full house last night, it was great to see so many people, which included some new members. It's really pleasing that our numbers continue to grow where we hear of clubs who are struggling to attract enough members to survive.

Last night the members were 'entertained' by some of our members - including me! I showed a load of images, not as examples of fine photography, but maybe showing and giving some ideas on how images can be altered/improved in an editing programme (for me it's photoshop - other software is available!) I showed the type of images that have kept me amused me this year, principally people and flowers (and dogs and horses!).

Then Martin showed us some of his amazing sport photography, he had certainly travelled to some exiting venues. It seems to me that sports are really difficult subjects, partly because of restricted access and not being able to control the background. He also showed us some images from his bird photography trips. (Note to self - don't let Martin organise a trip - it's bound to get cancelled!!) Some lovely shots of gannets, puffins etc, I am totally in awe of this - not a genre I have really tried. I haven't got the patience and so admire those that have.

Unfortunately there was not really time for Huw to give his presentation, for which he had obviously done much preparation, but we certainly got a taster - of who and what had inspired him and how we can all get some inspiration and meaning to our photography. We must look on this as a taster and look forward to seeing the full presentation at a later date - don't worry Huw- it won't have been a waste of your time!

At half time - when there was time for a quick chat - we were well fed by Paul's cake -(gluten free to keep those of us who have to stick to this diet happy!) A big thanks to Paul for bringing the cake and to Ruth who tried to provide the refreshments - but was hampered by a water heater that failed - but I think people found a 'work round'.

Peter T told us that everyone who had commented were in favour of holding our Christmas meal at Oake Manor, which will be held in January, he is seeking out a suitable menu for us and will report back at the next face to face meeting in 2 weeks time - competition time!!

Huw told us that he had received 48 prints for the competition, heavily weighted towards the Open with not so many entries in the themed or 'Local Urban '. As always, I look forward to this, always something to learn!

Next week is a talk held over Zoom -'You've Taken The Picture - Now What?', Hints and tips from Darren Pullman, on how to turn a mediocre image into an excellent one through post-processing. I'm looking forward to that, perhaps because that was, in a small way, what I was waffling on about last night!!

As always, I'll send out the Zoom link at the weekend, and as always please keep it safe and let me or someone else know if you have lost it or not received it, as early as possible to ensure that I see your email and have time to resend the link.

I've had a thought!! Would it be helpful or not, if instead of sending out a separate email with the Zoom link, would it help if I attached the link to the weekly meeting report? This would mean one less email from me clogging up your inbox, and one less email for me to have to remember to send? I'll get people's opinions at our next face to face, have a think which you would prefer.

There is a slight amendment to the December 6th talk. The evening will be presented by both Mark AND Judy Buckley-Sharp. (Apologies for the omission of Judy previously) Mark has asked for the running order to be reversed, so now 'The Bosphorus' will be presented first followed by 'Let there be dragons'.