Darren Pullman: 'You've Taken The Picture - Now What?


We had a great turn out for last night's meeting when we had a Zoom Presentation from Darren Pulman titled 'You've taken the picture - now what?'. He talked about what can be done to improve a picture in one of the editing programs. He was using a (very) old version of Photoshop, so the interface and tools available may be different to the one that you are using, I understand that similar processes and effects can be achieved in other editing software. But Darren stressed that he was showing what can be done rather than how - this then holds good whatever software you are using.

He gave lots of suggestions illustrated with lots of his own images which demonstrated the alterations/improvements he had made. He promptly sent through the 'Post Processing' pdf with his suggestions of processes that he uses.

After the meeting Peter T (Chair) told us that Oake Manor Golf Club, our chosen venue for our Christmas meal, was booked up until June!! Peter is going to explore other avenues such as Rumwell Farm Shop. If anyone has any other suggestions, please do let me or Peter T know.

Peter E told us that there was a vacancy in the Club's Critique Group and we would be pleased to welcome a new member to the group. Briefly, 6 of us send photos (1-3 usually) round to the other 5 members of the group at the beginning of the month for critiquing by the other members. We often send images that we are not sure about and in order that we can get some advice and opinions on them. If you are interested or would like some more info, let me know and I'll pass your name on to Peter E who will send out more info.

Next week is Competition week at the Rugby Club!!! Urban and Open; with fewer entries into the Urban section, any entries stand a better chance than usual of being picked for the Top Ten. I'm sure there will be some interesting images, as always!!

The following week (29 November) is another face to face meeting when we have a 'Challenge', where all members are invited to show 6 images on the subject of 'Inside Historical Buildings' and say a little about each one. It's a great chance to see some of your images in a non judgemental and non competitive setting and for us to see and hear about some interesting places! Bring in about 6 images on a memory stick, so get trawling through your archives or out taking new ones!!

As I mentioned in my last report, have a think as to whether you'd prefer the Zoom link sent round with the weekly report or not. This will cut down on the number of emails that you receive from me. We'll talk about it next week.

Have a good week and stay dry!!