Christmas Social


Good Morning Everyone

Just a short report this morning re last night. I'm sure you've all got better things to do than read my 'Pearls of Wisdom' - (not!!).

We had a great quiz, hosted by Peter E - some very tricky questions! I'm glad to say that I picked which team I joined carefully - and the team I was in eventually won after a close and 'thrilling' finish with a fair bit of game play and strategy being used!! A big thank you to Peter!

Some lovely photos in the 'Members' Choice' vote - a lovely picture of reflections in the font at Wells Cathedral by Dave Dagg was the overall winner, a bottle of wine kindly donated by Peter T. Well done Dave.

Loads of lovely food was brought in by everyone - even the gluten free table was full to bursting!

Peter T reported that the 'Christmas Meal ' at the White Horse, Bradford on Tone, is still under negotiation and he will report back.

Our next meeting will be on January 3rd 2024, a zoom meeting. I will send out a link sometime soon after Christmas as I will be away for a few days leading up to that date. An advance notice that I am also away from 15 Jan to 27 January 2024 and will not be able to send or forward emails during that time. Fortunately no zoom meetings during this time.

The meeting on 10 January is a 'Challenge' - to show images on the title of 'Moving Water'. This can be interpreted as you like, movement 'in', 'on', 'near' or 'of' water!! Please bring in 6 images to be shown, and say a few words said about these images. Alway interesting to see what others have 'snapped' and how they have interpreted the subject, so start snapping or looking through back files!!

We are desperately in need of another volunteer or two for the coffee/tea rota, particularly in January when most people on the rota seem to be away and we have several 'home' meetings. It would only mean being on duty for about 2 or 3 evenings until we finish the season, and it is not too onerous a task, making sure we have provisions, bringing milk, putting the urn on to heat up, making a pot of tea and tidying up afterwards. Please email if you think you could help - otherwise January could be a bit dry for everyone!!

(not such a short report after all - sorry!!)

All that remains is to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year - stay safe and warm and have a great time - see you Next Year!