Sarah Howard: 'Landscapes'


Good Morning Everyone

We started the year with a banger!! Our speaker was Sarah Howard who showed us what must have been hundreds of high quality landscape images which admirably illustrated her talk on Creating Mood and Atmosphere in Landscape Photography.

She outlined the items that she feels should be considered when taking Landscape Photos, all of which contribute to creating mood.

These are : Subject, Lighting and Skies, Time of Day/Year, Weather, Mist/fog, Colour, Monochrome, Length of Exposure, Composition.

Each heading was illustrated with lovely images from around the UK and Europe. She also talked about the benefits of including other things such as reflection. It seems bad weather and early mornings are part of Landscape Photography, perhaps that's why it's not a genre I have favoured!!

All the images were fantastically sharp, front to back, some taken very wide without a foreground subject, in others a tree or boat featured in the foreground. Lots of big skies which play a large part in creating mood, she talked about 'happy skies', I like happy skies, white fluffy clouds and blue skies!!

Her website Sarah Howard Photography is worth a look; it contains many images and also details of the workshops that she runs.

Next week we have one of our club Challenges. Please bring in about 6 images on the subject of 'Water Movement'. Anything to do with movement in, around or of water, and say a few words about each image. Please let Diane or me know before hand that you intend to show some images. It is always interesting to see and hear about members' photos.

As per Huw's email, please also send in your DPI entries for the January Competition, Open and Architecture by next Wednesday or bring them in to hand in to Huw on a stick on Wednesday.

Also, please bring any of your best prints for consideration for the Chard Battle as detailed in Huw's email.

As I have previously informed you, I will be away for a couple of weeks after next week's meeting, so you will be relieved to hear that I will not be able to send, answer or forward any emails or other information. Huw has kindly offered to do this on my behalf, not sure which email he'll want to use but I'll let you know before I go. All meetings while I'm away are face to face so no need to worry about zoom links.

See you next week and lets hope we have a drier week