Season starts with '10 minute talks'

Eight members gave 10 minute presentations on a wide range of subjects:

Steve W gave us a quick insight into how he put one of his images together and promised to show those interested more details at a later date.

Peter E shared quirky moments from his lockdown walks round Trull and his friend Tony with his hats, in a derelict caravan!!
We went all round the world with Frank's trees and wood products.

Nick showed us how he prepared his bird feeding station and hide, and then some of the garden bird images he captured

Debbie had obviously loved lockdown, she was able to spend her time making some amazing articles of clothing and photography,. Some lovely and original images.

Polly raised the question of whether she had kept her sanity and sense of humour during lockdown. (answers on a postcard please!!)

Martin showed us how he had been investigating the capabilities of his camera and even how he sank so low as to read the instruction book! The results were well worth the effort!

Last, and by no means least, Diane showed us some amazing images from her trip to Iceland, mainly taken from the van as she unfortunately fell and broke her ankle on the second day. Wow - what a place!! But very cold!!