Dulverton battle

Our annual inter-club battle was with Dulverton who brought a good number of members to see and hear the judging by Duncan Armour.

There were 30 images from each club and some really excellent ones including many wildlife which in ordinary circumstances would all have achieved top marks. Because of the closeness of the competition Duncan admitted to having to be 'picky' to separate images and to make the contest an exciting and viable one. But in all cases he brought some very useful practical tips which outweighed the exasperation he must have caused when disliking small imperfections in individual images.

In the end the result was a worthy win for Dulverton by 505 points to Wellington's 499. But - and there's always a but if I can find one - of the seven images held back for high marks, Dulverton had two scores of 19 and Wellington one score of 19 and four 20's. So, if you want to go just by top scores - Wellington won!